jelo417 asked: "Hi! Is it still possible for Tessa to bear a child even though she's more than a hundred years old?"


Tessa can do a lot of things even though she’s 130 years old (see: After the Bridge.)

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hellomynameiswater asked: "Hi Cassie I was wondering, 1) Do we find out why the family trees have wrong dates and missing family and 2) Will Jem and Tessa get married and have children?"


1) Yes.

2)  Wait and see.

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dont-touch-my-fandom asked: "Sorry to be such a pest with questions (and full of questions you probably can't answer anyway), but you said earlier that when a Shadowhunter is twelve, they usually go to the Shadowhunter Academy, and that James Herondale did (but was bullied too much). According to the frustrating family tree, Lucie would be twelve in TLH. Is there a reason she isn't? Or is she not YET twelve when the trilogy starts? Thank you! ~Era"


Lucie’s age is incorrect in the family tree for Reasons.

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oh, ugh. is love really going to save us all?






#except for that one kitchen girl #that kinda looked like Arya Stark #she was chill

favorite people: Robert Downey Jr.

I want there to be no question that the dialogue between Don and I on who’s more fit is going to end with “Iron Man 17: Old Guys Jacked Up On Growth Hormones”

Very well, you do not have my word.