linwelt asked: "Did Lottie and Henry have more sons? Or they only had two: Charles and Matthew?"


As of TLH, Charlotte and Henry have two sons: Charles and Matthew. They also have very young daughters.

Girls don’t always show up on family trees — like if Owen Herondale had a sister, she might not appear — because family trees follow a family name, and the girls don’t carry on the name. Yes it is patriarchal and sexist but the family tree is meant to be a “found object” so it is what it is. :) 

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I’ve Never Felt So Light by shynonome

…um feriado cai no domingo.



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Maia a la City of Heavenly Fire

I was strictly/only posting Magisterium stuff this week but I love it when Cassandra Jean gets inspired and presents me with an unexpected art gift!

After the Bridge: The Full Story (Jem/Tessa)


hi Cassie! idk if you’ve noticed, but I think you’ve invoked a small (and quite entertaining) url revolution. — hornyjem

I did. I am very proud. :)

This is the full story of After the Bridge, a tale for those who might have wondered what Tessa and Jem did after they met on Blackfriars Bridge in the epilogue of Clockwork Princess. If you’ve been waiting to read it until it was done, it is now done.

Those who do not like Tessa&Jem together or Jessa sexytimes probably should skip this. (You will not miss anything that will affect your understanding of later books.) Those who like that sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.

After the Bridge alternates POV between Jem and Tessa. This is Part Five, the full story. As this is one short story and not chaptered, each post will contain the whole story from the beginning up to the point where that part ends so that new readers or readers who don’t remember what happened won’t have to hunt down the previous post(s.)

AFTER THE BRIDGE : Now with (sexy) art by Cassandra Jean! 

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Disney Heroines and lines from “Let It Go”


Everywhere now reminding me
I am not who I used to be
I’m afraid this has just begun
Consequences for what I’ve done

Originally this was supposed to just be Demon!Dean, but when I drew in his eye, I liked it, so I decided to try my hand at an animated gif.


This is the devil’s favorite post


Get to know me meme » [1/5] favorite female characters: Charlotte La Bouff

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it’s exactly what you think it is

it’s exactly what I thought it was.